All BestDrive and FIT&GO tyre fitment centre’s offers a wide range of the world’s best tyre brands such as : Achilles, BFGoodrich. Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Dunlop, Falken, Firestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Regal, SA Tyre, Yokohama and Kumho Tyres at excellent prices.

Achilles passenger tyre range includes : 2233 - Ultra High Performance ATR Sport - Mid - Sports Vehicles Platinum - Total Performance   Achilles 4X4 and SUV tyre range includes : Desert Hawk H/T - Sp

The BFGoodrich tyre range includes: Rugged Trail All Terrain Mud Terrain
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Bridgestone's Passenger tyre range includes : B391 - General use B250 - General use MY-01 Sports Tourer - High performance Potenza Adrenalin RE002 - Ultra high performance Potenza RE050 - Ultra high performance Turanza ER

  Continental Passenger tyres include : Conti EcoContact CP - For upper & mid-range cars. Conti EcoContact 3 - Safer braking for compact cars. Conti PremiumContact - Shorter braking distances for luxury & medium sized cars.
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Kingsley Holgate on Cooper Tires This tyre’s sheer rugged durability and ability to handle anything this continent can throw at it defies logic! I remember an incident towards the end of our adventure — 3 tons loaded onto the 1-ton Land

Driven by Precision Advanced technology. Premium products. Attention to detail. And a total commitment to unparalleled quality and professional service. Dunlop's passenger tyre range includes : SP Sport 5050 SP Sport 600 SP Sport 6000 S

The Falken passenger tyre range includes : ZE912 - Wide range of vehicles such as sedans, wagons or mini-van. Sports driving enthusiasts who also demand quiet and comfortable ride. Good for plus sizing users or car fashion pursuers ZE322 -

Firestone's Passenger tyre range includes : F900 Advantage - General use Firehawk 705 - High performance & general use Firehawk TZ200 - High performance Multihawk - General Use S-211 - T series - General use Dayton - General use E

Goodyear has a wide selection of tyres. Passenger tyres include Rain, Performance, City, Comfort & Run on Flat. For Rain, the Excellence 3-in-1 performance tyre incorporates three technologies into a single tyre. It offers you the safest pos

Michelin, for performance that lasts from the first to the last mile Michelin demonstrates expertise in the high performance field through its capacity for innovation, its close partnerships with the world's most prestigious car manufacturers and

  Over one hundred years' experience of tyre technology has enabled Pirelli to combine in their products maximum levels of security, longevity and comfort. With today's enhanced skills and an enthusiasm for driving, Pirelli engineers have bee

Passenger tyre range includes: RST - 220  RSH 230 - Excellent all-round performance and high mileage potential.    

    SA Tyre range includes : Hercules Tires H/P 4000 Raptis Terra Trac A/W Power CV Maxtrek SU-810 SU-830  Ingens A1 Sierra S6 SU-800 SU-810 Pace PM216 Federal Tyres SS 657 FD1 SS 535 SS 595  FD2

Yokohama's Passenger tyre range includes :   A drive - optimised for superior wet performance, dry handling and comfort  ADVAN Sport - Bringning racing heritage to the road. AVS db - High performance & luxury comfort.Gain qu

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY KUMHO Tyres world-renowned quality is a result of a strong commitment to advanced design technology. Excellent products that deliver optimum performance, quality, and most importantly, safety, are the KUMHO Tyres p
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