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Kingsley Holgate on Cooper Tires

This tyre?s sheer rugged durability and ability to handle anything this continent can throw at it defies logic! I remember an incident towards the end of our adventure ? 3 tons loaded onto the 1-ton Landie, our brake pads were worn to slivers by the long journey, and battle-worn malaria warrior volunteers were crammed into the Land Rovers. We were getting hammered in the most appalling off-road conditions and by the worst potholed tar I?ve ever seen... I remember thinking there?s just no way ANY tyre can take this kind of punishment! Luckily Cooper?s aren?t just ANY tyre!

  • DISCOVERER ATR - All-terrain 5-rib SUV tyre, Excellent wear and handling characteristics.

  • DISCOVERER S/T - Essentially for off-road but also provides long even wear in highway applications. Deep tread and scalloped shoulder maximise traction on soft surfaces Bevelled tread block edges fight irregular wear and improve self-cleaning.

  • DISCOVERER SPORT HP - Directional tread pattern provides good water evacuation and resists aquaplaning .Opti-noise technology reduces road noise and delivers quicker steering response.Tall sidewall stiffener reduces wallowing feeling.

  • DISCOVERER AST - Good value with excellent performance and traction Effective weather driving control even tread wear.

  • DISCOVERER STT - Bold aggressive on- and off-road tyre Deep shoulder lugs and unique centre traction zone provide superb traction Excellent for mud and sand traction Selected sizes include 3-ply sidewall and rim protector.

  • DISCOVERER H/T - On-road tyre Notched circumferential grooves offer resistance to aquaplaning. High density ?zigzag? sipes enhance wet traction Solid centre rib provides improved steering response and noise reduction.

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