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About Thule

Thule develops, manufactures and markets Car Rack Systems. Complete and functional transport solutions that let your vehicle expand to match your needs.

Our load carriers offer the "perfect fit" for more than 1500 models of cars and we produce a wide range of bike carriers, boxes, ski carriers water sport carriers and other accessories.

A Thule product is easy to mount, easy to load and ensure a safe and easy transport.

High safety and modern design

Thule is in the forefront when it comes to safety and many of our products already comply with future safety requirements. To keep up to regulations and norms we use advanced technology in engineering, testing and manufacturing.

All new products are developed to meet the new international safety standard, City Crash. Our products endure a tough treatment year after year without losing any of its special features.

High safety together with innovative design, a close cooperation with leading car manufacturers and a global presence has enabled us to become a world leader in our field.



Available at Thule Clearwater & Bush Hill Outdoor & Carrier World

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