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Goodyear has a wide selection of tyres. Passenger tyres include Rain, Performance, City, Comfort & Run on Flat.

For Rain, the Excellence 3-in-1 performance tyre incorporates three technologies into a single tyre. It offers you the safest possible drive, with superb performance in handling, and an exceptional feeling of comfort. Duragrip, the innovative tyre that saves fuel.

For Performance, Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyre combines Goodyear's revolutionary Active Cornergrip Technology and Racing Compound derivatives, pressure is evenly distributed when cornering at high speeds, meaning more contact patch grips the road more of the time. Goodyear EfficientGrip, 1.9% lower fuel comsumption.

For City, GT2 your basic choice for safety and comfort in your city car.GT2 blends safety with comfort thanks to its anti-aquaplaning design and its minimized noise levels. The result is a driving experience that feels safe, comfortable and quiet, both in the city and on the motorway. Duramax, the strong and durable tyre.

For Comfort, Eagle NCT5 is a tyre that lasts longer and that requires less energy from your car's engine. Not only does this save you a great amount of money in fuel reduction, but it also helps the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

For Run On Flat, Goodyear's revolutionary RunOnFlat technology, the fear of a flat tyre will be a thing of the past. Cars fitted with RunOnFlat tyres will keep going for up to 80km after a puncture or blow out. So no matter where you're going, Goodyear RunOnFlat will make sure you get there.

Goodyear's 4x4 On Road tyres include the :

Goodyear's 4x4 Off Road tyres include :

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