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Yokohama's Passenger tyre range includes : 

  •  A drive - optimised for superior wet performance, dry handling and comfort 
  • ADVAN Sport - Bringning racing heritage to the road.
  • AVS db - High performance & luxury comfort.Gain quietness without compromising performance.
  •  R1 - The R1 tyre offers comfort at a high level, giving not only a sporty performance, but also excellent traction in cornering - with good balance, grip and consistency throughout. Feel confident to drive & brake hard with this sports tyre.
  • S drive - Spirited, sure-footed and sports car oriented - the S.drive tyres give drivers the confidence to extract the very best from their cars. S.drive - Going to the limits, coming back for more.
  • ADVAN Sport ZPS - Self supporting Run Flat tyre.
  • RY818 Delivery Star - Far reaching reliabilty
  • V103 Sport - The V103 or Advan Sport is a super sports tyre with ultra high-speed capabilities (over 300 km/h) for super cars.
  • C drive - True Driving Confidence - Handling, Comfort, Safety.  


    Yokohama's 4x4 tyre range includes :
  • Geolander GO12 - With features ranging from Multi-Stepped Grooves to Dual Interlocking Pyramid Sipes, every Geolandar A/T-S packs the absolute latest in technology to deliver long, even treadwear. Featuring an extensive size line-up, the Geolandar A/T-S, and its powerful on/off-road performance, can be experienced accross a broad range of applications.
  • Geolander GO51 - The Geolandar H/T-S has been designed to effectively address the demand of day-to-day driving. All-Season durability, comfort and handling are key benefits.
  • V802 Advan-ST - Specially designed for the new generation of faster SUVs. These new-concept tyres will add a new dimension to SUV performance that boosts high-speed capability and driving pleasure.
  • Geolander M/T - Extreme off roader adventure
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